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How Plinqit Saved Christmas

Let me tell you how a savings app saved Christmas this year!

A U.S. News & World Report survey showed that nearly half of Americans expect to go into debt to pay for gifts and travel during the holiday season. That’s right, almost half of Americans’ plan for the most significant spending and traveling holiday in the country is to borrow money to pay for it all.

If they had surveyed me this time last year, I would have been one of those people. Using my credit card was the only way I could afford to buy presents for my siblings, my boyfriend, and the sweet little girls I babysit. Not to mention still paying rent, bills, and every other monthly expense. It’s not ideal, but it’s what I had to do, and I had somehow come to peace with it all. As do many other Americans in similar situations.

But this year was different. And let me tell you why.

I started working at Plinqit in February 2022. Working at Plinqit, I learned about the app and how it worked. Plinqit automates your saving for you, so you input how much you want to save by what date, and the app calculates how much you’ll need to save a week or month to get there. Once you agree on an amount and time frame, it automatically takes the funds out of your checking account and into a secure savings account.

After a few months of working there, I decided to try it. I set my first goal of $1,000 by November 30. I had about $65 coming out of my checking account every payday. When I woke up in the morning after getting paid, the $65 was already out of my account. I didn’t miss it or even notice it being gone after a few weeks. Out of sight, out of mind, into savings.

Now, let’s fast forward to November 30, 2022. Just a few weeks ago, I got a notice that I had completed my goal and it was processing. My Plinqit goal would be deposited into my checking account between 3-5 business days. On the morning of December 5, the $1,020 had been deposited into my checking account. (The $20 was the reward I set for myself within the app for when I completed my goal).

Now, it’s December 14, 2022, as I’m writing this. I have been able to buy Christmas presents for my siblings, my cousins, my boyfriend, and the girls I babysit, and I even bought myself a new tattoo that I’ve wanted for years, and some new clothes, and I have money left over. I am walking into the New Year in the positive, not broke or struggling to get to my next payday. For the first time in my adult life.

I understand this may sound biased, as I still work for Plinqit. But let me tell you, my job aside, Plinqit has changed my life. I have never felt the control I have over my finances the way I do now. My boyfriend and I are planning to move in May, and we both have Plinqit goals set up so we can afford to move into a nice place and buy new furniture.

Plinqit saved Christmas, and it gave me a sense of control over my life that I’ve never had before. This app works, y’all. It really does.

If you’re tired of feeling like you can never catch up, never save, or hold on to money that you do save, I recommend downloading Plinqit. It’s totally free and super easy to use. I promise you; your future self will be so happy you did it.

You can download Plinqit on your phone’s app store or sign up at plinqit.com