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How to save money on a weekend getaway

Keep your weekend reasonably priced with these money-saving tips!


family vacationPlanning a vacation can be stressful (and expensive), but there are a few things you can do to keep yours on the reasonably priced side!

1-May-20-2022-02-51-51-68-PMPlan around the holidays and busy seasons.

As you can probably imagine, a condo at the beach is more expensive to rent in June than in October. Keep these busy seasons in mind when planning your vacation. If you want to go to the beach for a peaceful getaway but aren’t super interested in swimming, plan your beach weekend for later in the fall! 

2-May-20-2022-02-51-51-67-PMLook into Groupons and other discount sites.

Websites like Groupon can save you money on all kinds of entertainment! Everything from movies to amusement parks have deals available for you and your family to consider when deciding what you want to do on your vacation.

3-May-20-2022-02-51-51-67-PMBring snacks and food to cook.

If you’re staying in a condo or hotel that comes with a kitchen, take advantage of it! Bring your own snacks, meals, and drinks to eat in instead of eating out for every meal. Even if you don’t have a kitchen available to cook, still bring snacks and drinks so you aren’t buying a new $4 water bottle and a $3 pack of crackers every time you leave the hotel.

4-May-20-2022-02-51-51-71-PMHave a savings account specifically for vacations.

Having a separate savings account just for vacations is another smart way to budget for a trip. Apps like Plinqit allow you to have several savings funds to simultaneously save responsibly (like an emergency fund) while saving for something fun (like a vacation).